Monday, July 1, 2013

One Love Peace Concert

One Love Peace Concert 4/22/78 - Find it here: Kingston, JA (Peter Tosh & Bob Marley's performances are not included) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The infamous One Love Peace Concert was held on April 22, 1978 at The National Stadium in Kingston, Jamaica. This concert was held during a political civil war in Jamaica between opposing parties Jamaican Labour Party and the People's National Party. The concert came to its peak during Bob Marley & The Wailers' performance of "Jammin'", when Marley joined the hands of political rivals Michael Manley (PNP) and Edward Seaga (JLP). ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ d3-d4 high levels Its not perfect but this is the best version of this show-DB (9-02) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Disc 1: The Meditations * 1. Life is Not Easy 2. Woman is Like a Shadow 3. MC Althea & Donna * 4. Uptown Top Ranking Dillinger * 5. Intro 6. Teeth and Tongue (false start) > Dillinger Chatter 7. Teeth and Tongue 8. Dillinger Chatter 9. War is Over Encore: 10. Eastman Skank Mighty Diamonds * 11. Intro 12. Keep on Moving 13. There is No You Without Me 14. Roof Over My Head Junior Tucker * 15. Happy 16. Mr. Melody (cut) Culture * 17. Intro 18. Natty Never Get Weary 19. Natty Dread Taking Over 20. Stop the Fussing and Fighting Disc 2: Dennis Brown * 1. MC > Intro 2. Children of Israel 3. Love Me Always 4. Chatter 5. Milk & Honey 6. Chatter 7. Whip Them Jah 8. How Could I Leave Trinity * 9. MC > Intro 10. Who Say They A Gone 11. Yabby You Sound (cut) (cont. on D3) * w/ Lloyd Parkes and We the People Band Jacob Miller w/ The Inner Circle Band (cont. from D3) 12. Discipline Child (beginning cut) 13. Shakey Girl 14. Top Ranking Special 15. Tired Fe Lick Weed 16. Peace Treaty Special Disc 3: Big Youth w/ The Ark Angels Band (cont. on D4) 1. MC 2. I Pray Thee / Satta Massagana 3. Every Nigger is a Star In This Ya Time? 4. House of Dread Locks 5. Isaiah First Prophet Of Old > Peace at Last (cut) Trinity (cont. from D2) ? 6. Have a Good Time ? Leroy Smart 7. Intro 8. Ballistic Affair Prince Edwards 9. MC 10. Intro > Chatter > I Want You and My Sweetheart to be Friends ? 11. Comedy Routine 12. Drumming 13. Crowd Noise D.J. Errol Thompson ? 14. Speech about Jamaican Music Industry and Government Inner Circle (cont. on D2) 15. Forward Jah Jah Children 16. (cut) Disc 4: Big Youth (cont. from D3) 1. Old Man River (beginning cut) 2. Hit the Road Jack Beresford Hammond 3. MC (cut) 4. Smile 5. Dedication 6. I Miss You 7. Chatter 8. One Step Ahead Peter Tosh w/ Word Sound Power 9. Band Intro

Script Writing

So today is the first day of July. July is going to be a very exciting month. Let's start off with a dose of gratitude. Even if it is a cloudy day the sun shines brightly on our planet bringing it warmth and huge amounts of energy. That's an amazing thing. We don't have to do anything to make it happen - the most important factor for us to be on this particular stage playing our parts in this play of life just is. That's good for a little gratitude - you can understand why the Egyptians thought of the sun as God - Ra. Then there is all of the beauty around us... sky, clouds, trees, flowers, the breeze, the rain, the ocean... a world of majesty and wonder. Birds chirping and flying around in the cool early morning air. Then there is your body. Breathe going in and out, heart beating; thousands of functions go on all without you having to do a thing to control it. All you have to do is let it happen and taking the time to be appreciative will make you feel good. Feel the wonder and amazement. Don't just take it for granted. Consider the complexity and majesty of this multi-dimensional world we live in. It is a field of unlimited possibilities. Here's an important note though. While so much goes on without your needing to make it happen, you actually are one of the designers of what manifests for us as reality. You are not just a spectator. You are in charge. You can just go with the flow and have a very uneventful life. You can worry about lack and limitation and be judging of everything and get angry and have a tumultuous life filled with trials and error. But you can also sharpen your skills and become a deliberate creator of your own reality. What do you want to happen today? What are you putting in the script of your movie? Let's make it fun and everything else will fall in place.